Advertising On Wessex FM Works!

Dorchester's Local Radio Wessex FM

Wessex FM The Local Radio for Dorchester

Advertising On Wessex FM Works!.. And Here’s 3 Reasons Why.

1. Radio Reaches The Parts Others Can’t!

2. Consumers Tolerate Radio More.

3. Advertising On Wessex FM Is Affordable!

Thats all well and good but you want some facts & figures right?

Over a 13 week period 57% of the population listen to Wessex FM, thats 69,000 people. And those people are listening for longer too, on average over a week 7.9 hours in fact.

Now imagine 69,000 people calling you or walking through your door over 13 weeks, that potentially could happen when you join forces with Wessex FM… That’s a lot of people, you will have to get some new doormats!

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Give our friendly team a call on 01305 250333.

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