Executive Minutes June 2012

Minutes of Executive meeting held 6 June 2012

Held at Porter Dodson, 53 High West Street.


Present:          Matt Pye (MP), Alison Moore (AM), Denise Addison (DA), Jon Edge (JE), Caroline Paul (CP), David Taylor (DT), Jeremy Weekes (JW).

Also present: Kenneth Addison (KA).

76 Apologies for absence. Steve Bulley (SB), Xavier Fabreguettes (XF), Rob Fox (RF), Nigel Reeve (NR), Nick Taylor (NT).

77  Minutes of the Executive meeting held 2 May were approved.

78  Matters arising from the Minutes that are not on the Agenda.

  1. Constitution to be carried over to July Exec. AM/KA offered help.

79  Vice Presidents’ Report.

  1. Diamond Ball. AM reported sponsorship from Porter Dodson, Treasure Trails, Nigel Reeve, and KMC. Raffle prizes to be provided by Members of the Executive and delivered to AM.
  2.  Breakfast Venues and Speakers agreed for 19/6, 17/7, and 4/9. NT to advise speaker for 4/9.
  3. Evening Meeting. NT to advise date and time of visit to Brewery development.

80  Reports from Sub Groups.

  1. DA stated that the first “Inside Chambers” newsletter was issued on 15/5 to all Chamber Presidents in Dorset.
  2. Next meeting of the Dorset Presidents will be held 26/6 in the Kings Arms Hotel.
  3. DA/JW attended the inaugural meeting of the Poole Chamber, held at the Harbour Heights Hotel. Over 200 business people attended and 60 Members were signed up on the night.
  4. DT reported that the Union flags were put up with the help of a contractor and Alistair Chisholm, in High West and East streets.
  5. DT to provide a précis of the Antelope Walk Charity Event to be held 4/8 for circulation to Members.

81  Treasurer’s Report

  1. JE presented the quarterly Report up to 31 May 2012.
  2. Current Account:         £9,074.84
  3. Cracker Account:         £2,634.84
  4. Requests for Payment.
    1. Promote Dorchester from Kate Hebditch, for outside Music in South Street on Saturdays between 2/7 and 3/9. Grant approved £700. All in favour.
    2. Dorchester Carnival 16 June from Ellis Ford, for promotion costs. Grant approved £200. All in favour.


82  Secretary’s Report.

  1. Membership.

Three new Members:  Puragen, Higher Bockhampton, Direct Moves, Dorchester, and Champagne Film, Weymouth. All approved.

  1. Breakfast Meetings – Use of Credit Cards up 70% at the May breakfast. Exec. to consider introducing advance booking for twelve months with discount.
  2. Markets.

WDDC to be informed that the Chamber support the presence of the street markets in South Street under their terms and conditions. One trader in lower South Street complained about the lack of market stalls in the road area. The next Continental Market will be the Tunisian from 14-16 June.

  1. Correspondence.

Request from Robert Lunn, Box of Porcelain, for advertising his promotional deals. Agreed that AM will place details on the news item front page.

83  President’s Report.

  1. MP reported on meeting with Tim Gorman relating to DTEP and pedestrianistion. DCC to consider one-way working of High West Street.
  2. TIC to move premises into the Old Court Rooms upon completion of the new offices

84  Any other business.

  1. KA reported the need to advise Everycare (Wessex) Ltd. that they are using incorrect Executive status on their website.
  2. DA attended meeting with Cowlin regarding the WDDC new offices, and it was noted that the scaffolding surrounding the site will be taken down this month as part of the programme. The Council plan to move in Nov/Dec 2012.
  3. DA passed information from Weymouth College to AM regarding the Apprentice Skills forum.
  4. AM to source supplier for replacement Gazeebos.
  5. AM to liaise with Paula Fry for supply of Chamber sponsorship signs. Budget £250.

85  Items for July Meeting.

  1. Constitution updates.
  2. Budget for Grants.

86             Date of next Executive meeting – Wednesday 11 July 2012 at 16.00.


The meeting closed at 14.25.

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