Become a Virtual Assistant with The Contemporary PA

Those wanting to launch into the virtual assistant business now have an opportunity with The Contemporary PA following the launch of a virtual assistant franchise, enabling individuals to freelance under the brand.

Launched in 2017 by Gemma Wall (left), The Contemporary PA offers virtual assistant services across the UK, provide support to businesses from a remote location. Due to the demand for outsourcing, it is an industry that has grown massively in recent years to a value of $5 billion.

Gemma, who set up the brand, says the idea for virtual assistants came to her while working for a company specialising in collaborative workspaces for freelancers.

“A lot of people don’t have enough time on their hands. VAs improve efficiency and accessibility for highly skilled business people. They can prioritise things they want to, such as spending time with family.”

VAs are paid on an ad-hoc basis, rather than a full-time salary. The cost effectiveness and flexibility is often a key appeal to both the VA and the employer.

It is predicted that over 40% of the UK workforce will want to work remotely by 2020 and there are many benefits of flexible working including:

  • Savings on travel expenses and time
  • Offers flexibility, allowing employees to set their own working hours
  • Gives parents the versatility to work around their children’s schedules

Jennifer Prince from Poundbury, who has recently taken on a VA franchise, says she wants to utilise digital advances to support businesses.

“The role of VA plays to my strengths, and allows me to offer services often overlooked in a traditional office environment.”

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