Five-day skills workshop: Training the next generation of lawyers and accountants

Social Mobility Business Partnership (SMBP) is inviting local businesses to a ‘Meet and Greet’ session with local A-Level students from low income/underprivileged backgrounds.

The session will take place on Thursday 8 August  2019 at Dorchester Community Church in Poundbury and include those students who have been participating in a five-day skills development program.

Over light refreshments, business owners will be able to find out more about the students and what they have learned during the workshops, while also taking the opportunity to spot future talent.

The Meet and Greet event and the program of workshops will be facilitated under the auspices of a registered charity, the Social Mobility Business Partnership. It is also supported by local schools.

Eliot Glover, director of learning & development at HR Consultancy said he is seeking funding for the program. “I needs to raise around £2,400 and invite businesses to make a voluntary contribution, however small, towards the running costs of the five-day workshop program.

Who are SMBP?

SMBP (Born out of Legal Social Mobility Partnership) is a volunteer-led charity which brings together over 100 professional services firms, commercial organisations and sports teams. They are committed to supporting Year 12 students from low-income backgrounds in their pursuit of a legal or finance career. They have won many awards including recognition as a ‘Champion for Good’ at the 2018 British Interactive Media Association awards ceremony.

For more details about the event email Eliot Glover, Donations to fund the program can be made via