Strategic Partners

Dorchester BID – Dorchester Business Improvement District covers a geographically defined area within the town of Dorchester.  It’s existence was as a direct result of members of the Chamber devoting time in putting together a submission to British Bids some two years ago.   By charging a levy on the businesses within the BID area, it is able to take forward projects requested by its participants working in partnership with the local authority and the support of the Dorchester Chamber.

Dorset Chamber – Dorset Chamber offer members of Dorchester Chamber opportunities of training and networking throughout the County.

Dorset County Council and West Dorset District Council – The Dorchester Chamber is in constant contact with the County and District Council on issues affecting the businesses in town including car parking, A Boards and planning.  Recent consultation has involved the proposal of a local economic partnership across the county.

Dorchester Town Council – The Town Council keeps the Chamber informed of issues relating to parking, lighting and general town enhancement.