Dorchester takes centre stage with a WW2 tank convoy Saturday 18 June.

A unique event is set to take place in Dorchester on the 18th June 2022 – Armour & Embarkation 2022!

Probably, for the very last time (due to fuel costs, equipment age and general practicalities/logistics) a convoy of between 50-75 WW2 vehicles (including Jeeps, motorcycles, trucks, armoured vehicles and even Sherman tanks and other rare stuff!!!) will be heading though the leafy back roads of Dorset.

In the morning the convoy will head to the world famous Bovington Tank Museum for static display and demonstration runs before heading to Dorchester in the afternoon.

This truly epic convoy will arrive in Dorchester in the afternoon of the 18th June coming into town via High East Street at 3:00pm before parking up for public viewing at Brewery Square at 3:30pm for an hour or two!

Once there, the public will be able to see, smell and even touch some of this living history and speak to the owners and many period-dressed enthusiasts!

The whole event over the weekend is being filmed by the BBC’s Dan Snow and his film unit who are making a documentary will include this unique living history gathering. So if you like the idea of the whole family dressing up in period civilian clothing you can join in too! Evacuee school children, Home guard, ARP Wardens, land girls, the French resistance, use your imagination!

Armour & Embarkation 2022 is a free event so come to Dorchester, make a day of it exploring our Historic town’s shops cafes, restaurants, shops and museums and get ready for one of the most unbelievable photo opportunities in your life!!

Phil Gordon Dorchester BiD director said; “The town will be displaying a sea of flags to make the backdrop even more photogenic. Whatever you do, DO NOT MISS THIS special ‘living history’ occasion”.