Eco-Schools Green Flag with Distinction

Pupils at Damers First School have earned an international accreditation this academic year, recognising their amazing work in making their school more environmentally friendly and raising eco-awareness in fellow pupils. Damers First School achieved their fourth Eco Schools Green Flag with Distinction.

Eco-Schools is an international education programme that prompts young people to explore sustainability and climate change and take action. Eco Schools is implemented in 67 countries around the world with 22,000 registered Eco Schools in England.

Eco Schools were impressed by how Damers had linked environmental and global issues to a variety of curriculum areas. They loved seeing their ‘Principles of Harmony’ Curriculum which is based on a book by King Charles III, Harmony: A New Way of Looking at Our World. Eco Schools said, “This is a great example of layering sustainability and climate change in your learning.” Damers children have planted a Japanese cherry tree that was a gift from the Japanese Government, visited Westminster to speak to MPs as part of the Big Plastic Count encouraging them to find ways to reduce plastic waste that goes to landfill, taken part in a Art Exhibition called “It’s Up to Us” making a Ceramic Totem Pole and Bird Bath from Portland Stone. Children have also written their own nature wildlife stories using Dorset’s Natural Wonders as a focus which included Durdle Door, Chesil Beach and Dancing Ledge.

Damers Green Flag Award

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Edd Moore, Eco Coordinator who leads the environment work at Damers said “I am overjoyed that Damers have achieved the top mark of Distinction. The children have been empowered through our curriculum gaining knowledge and understanding about a variety of environmental topics and how each one impacts on them and others around them. It is so powerful to see children taking what they have learned in school out into the local community, inspiring other young people, and adults to get involved too. Projects have included children litter picking streets/parks/countryside/beaches, writing letters to their local MP and creating wildflower meadows.

Catherine Smith Headteacher said, “We are delighted that our focus on sustainability has been recognised in this way. We remain incredibly proud of our curriculum and our relentless drive to ensure that children truly understand the challenges that we face environmentally, but equally, the ability that they hold to avoid becoming overwhelmed by this and instead, empowered to make a positive difference as true agents of change.”

Mollie, Year4 said, “Eco Schools learning at Damers has given me confidence to speak locally and nationally about environmental issues that I feel passionate about. Speaking to Selaine Saxby, MP for North Devon at Westminster about reducing the amount of plastic waste that goes to landfill was a highlight.”

Eco-Schools England Manager, Adam Flint, said: “Earning an Eco-Schools Green Flag Award takes passion, commitment and a desire to make a difference. Pupils should be proud of their great work. They’re an inspiration and it makes us feel heartened and positive about the future of our planet.”

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