Embroidery Barn produces face masks for businesses and families

The Embroidery Barn has started to produce masks for businesses and families following recent government advice. The masks are £5 each and are made with a colour fabric of choice with organic cotton natural rubber elastic (softer on the ears than usual elastic used). If companies want their logos on they will be £9 each.

Since the beginning of lockdown the company has been making masks for key workers under its #Masks4All Dorchester campaign. So far 600 handmade masks have been distributed to key workers, care homes, GP surgeries and food banks. It has raised over £1,700 and it is hoping to get more funding soon so they can keep producing.

These masks are for residents at risk (with Covid-19 or with long-term health conditions), including people on a low income; all Dorchester and Poundbury support groups; food banks; NHS staff and key workers.
Big thanks to Emma Teasdale, Emma Scott and Rosie Lees for all their hard work.
If you are interested in buying a handmade mask email: