Emm-Power expands to meet demand

Following a move into new offices in Poundbury to house its expanding team – now five sales and marketing professionals – Emm-Power Ltd has achieved much during its first two years of business.

Services now include retainer packages for not simply business-to-business telemarketing and lead generation alone, also small business strategy, social media services, PR and content creation.

Founder of Emm-Power Ltd, Emma Friendship-Kilburn, formed the company when noticing a gap in the local market for Dial-up / Dial-down Marketing Services. These services included specialist Telemarketing, Data Analysis, Customer Relationship Management programmes and general, effective Business Development for Owner-operated small and medium-sized enterprises along with start-ups and growing businesses from the local geography.

Emma – who is delighted at how her business has expanded – wanted her team to work on a variety of projects and expand the range of sales and marketing support services.  What has made her business expand at such a rate? Emma says that responding to customer needs has been the key to being successful.

“I have listened to the small business marketplace locally. I’ve requested constant feedback from our customers here and overseas and really listened to what adds value to their company goals. It is all about being flexible and responding to what people want.”

As an outsourcing company, her staff are key to the business success and Emma’s team are a wonderfully eclectic group. The newest staff member to is Amber Leegwater, social mMedia manager, who joined Emma and the team in January, previously having worked for Heritage Automotive in Dorchester.

Amber joins Kim Bresman, Head of Operations and Training, who was previously a prima ballerina, first-class Qantas cabin crew and sales trainer for high-end consumer goods.  Kathy Thornton, marketing and business support, has travelled the world working for Elle Magazine, film companies and even did a stint as a wrangler in Arizona.  Bids and tendering specialist, Amethyst Corley, business development and content manager, came to Emm-Power Ltd in the summer having worked in the City for a software vendor and finally Jo Coffey, marketing support, is also a TV producer and successful comedian.

“Having a group of key staff members in place,” explains Emma, “enables us to support our small business clients even better. We are looking forward to an exciting 2018 supporting small and local businesses in generating leads and managing their promotions.”

For more details visit www.emm-power.com  you can also get in touch via or call Emma direct on 0759 220 8800 to discover more.