Liberal Democrat’s take control of Dorset Council

The Liberal Democrats have taken control of Dorset Council following the local elections.

Dorset had its last election five years ago in 2019, when the authority was formed.

It was previously run by a Conservative administration, which went into this election with 43 seats.

The Lib Dems now have 42 seats, while the Conservatives have 30 and the Greens have four.

Labour has two seats on the council and four other seats are held by Independent or other parties.

Nick Ireland the leader of the Liberal Democrat’s has reportedly said that said that they will have a review of car parking charges, and will look to improving housing, including the possibly of building new council homes.

Graphic: BBC

Dorchester Chamber President said: “Political change offers the opportunity for Dorset Council to review some of the more controversial decisions made, including the car parking charges which may businesses feel have become a barrier to parking in Dorchester.

”I look forward to working with the new administration to ensure that the business community in Dorset are supported and heard.”

Counting for Dorset’s next Police and Crime Commissioner is due to start on Saturday morning, with the result expected later in the afternoon.

With over 100 members any business in Dorset can join Dorchester Chamber from business for £60p/a (no VAT).