Membership rates discounted for 2022/23

Dorchester Chamber for Business, the County Town Chamber has confirmed that membership rates for existing members will be discounted for the next year.  The proposal was agreed unanimously by the executive committee at its last meeting.

President Peter Greenway said; “As you probably know, we haven’t changed our membership fees for many years and they are currently £60 for small businesses within a 20 mile radius of Dorchester, £120 for larger businesses (employing 15 or more people) or those further than 20 miles radius from Dorchester.   Registered charities qualify for the small business rate no matter how many people they employ.

The Chamber appreciates that the last 2,5 years have been very difficult for businesses and we have tried to continue to offer a good selection of networking opportunities for Members, either via Zoom or in the last year getting back to face to face meetings and we have seen an increasing number of members attending again which is great. 

“As an Executive we want to assist where we can and we had a free membership year followed by a discounted year.  We have decided to offer the discount to all existing members again in the 2022/23 year for all those renewing by 31 October 2022.  The membership fees will be reduce to £50 for the small business membership and £100 for the larger business.  Distances remain unchanged.  New members and those renewing after 31 October will pay the full rate.

“We hope this will help out a little for existing members and we very much look forward to seeing you at some of our events coming up through the rest of the year.” 

Dorchester Chamber for Business is committed to driving the local economy and creating opportunities for people to trade within the area.  If you have any suggestions or ideas you would like the executive committee to discuss, please contact our President Peter Greenaway; 

Any membership questions can be sent to our Secretary Hazel; 

Dorchester Chamber for Business currently has around 120 members from the local area, see more at