What Dorchester Access Group can do for you

Dorchester Access Group (DAG) is made up of members of the public and local council officers who are keen for you to continue to embed accessibility at the heart of your decision-making and planning and to consult with them to ensure you have taken access issues into account in the workplace.Consideration of the needs of the disabled, & their not being discriminated against are a statutory

Consideration of the needs of the disabled – and ensuring that they not being discriminated against – are a statutory requirement – now under the Equality Act 2010 & other legislation, for example, Part M of the Building Regulations.

However, taking account of the needs of people with disabilities is not just about adhering to policy and is not just confined to planning applications – it should inform all of your decision-making when designing your service.

Building a more inclusive community where anyone who wishes to can access and participate fully in all aspects of an activity or service in the same way as any other member of the community is fundamentally important as it creates a society which is fairer, more cohesive and richer.

The kind of things the Access Group can offer include
• Support and comment regarding planning applications and other documents such as the Local Plan
• Providing information / help to developers with regard to practical access issues
• Monitoring of access and feedback to relevant authorities i.e. regarding placement of dropped kerbs
• Advocacy/support to people experiencing access issues – particularly relating to the built environment
• Information and support for local businesses seeking to improve their access.

Please add DAG to your list of consultees and bear DAG in mind when undertaking future work.