Why you need an interior designer

Interior Design Is Much Older Than We Think. We talk about interior design like it’s something new or recently-established. Many of us presume interior design didn’t truly come about until at least the Victorian era. However, the truth is, it may have been present in the prehistoric era. Some consider drawings on cave walls as ways of decorating a space.

If you don’t consider cave drawings interior design, you might when you hear what other cultures did. Older tribal cultures would decorate their mud huts with animal skins and tree branches, and the ancient Egyptians decorated their homes with painted vases, sculptures, and animal skins.

Claire Dunn owner of Claire Dunn Interiors. considers how to inject style and personality into your home without the stress.

Many people feel overwhelmed, lost for ideas or just don’t have the time or headspace to create a dream home.  Maybe you are overwhelmed with all the decisions you need to make or are completely stuck on a room. That’s where an interior designer comes in, we listen to the problems making you unhappy and give you the solutions. Leaving you feeling the weight being lifted off your shoulders.

There are so many ways to update and transform a home even with a limited budget.

Claire said:  “Recently, I visited a client for an interior design consultation – to give her tips and ideas on how to breathe new life into her home. Sometimes it’s as simple as a bit of decluttering, repainting some doors and changing the handles. But having someone there for a bit of expert guidance and reassurance is what you need.”

In addition to mood boards and colour schemes, providing invaluable 3D models can help visualise your new space.

Claire added: “I have just finished working with a client who is remodelling her kitchen and dining room.  The 3D visuals helped my client see how much space would be created by the new remodel and from making an expensive mistake with the installation of a new breakfast bar.

“I was able to work with her on an alternative solution to create a family friendly, sociable kitchen-diner.  In the near future, I am planning to use VR so that my clients can actually walk through their newly designed spaces – watch this space.”

Claire’s services range from a 90-minute design consultation through to a full interior design service depending on your needs and budget. Her mission is to is make planning your new interior scheme fun and enjoyable.

For more information see: www.clairedunninteriors.co.uk


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