MP Chris Loder speaks to Chamber members

Dorchester Chamber for Business members joined local MP Chris Loder for a quarterly update online Friday 23 July.

Chris mentioned that having been in his constituency over the past week, towns seemed busy and buzzing.

Questioned on reports that people would be required to show a vaccine passport to attend Church, Chris said these reports in the media were not factual.

The attendees discussed the two Dorchester railway stations. The new ramp at Dorchester West Station should be completed within a month.  Chris confirmed he is meeting with South Western Railway to discuss plans to refurbish Dorchester South.

Members expressed concerns over the messaging from central Government over Covid rules and the current crisis with recruitment in the hospitality industry. These concerns were noted.

The discussion ended with a discussion over the Stamp Duty holiday which had been driving work for tradespeople locally, there was a feeling from members that this scheme had injected revenue into the local economy and such initiatives do assist local businesses.

Chris reminded members that he enjoys hearing from constituents, so if there is a burning issue, please contact him.

Dorchester Chamber for Business President Peter Greenaway said: “We are lucky to have an MP who is more than happy to engage with the Chamber on a regular basis and to deal with some difficult issues, keeping us updated on local and national issues through what has and continues to be extraordinary times.  Although we had fewer members participating this time, we had a very good discussion between all of us which I certainly found useful and informative.”

The overall message was Covid is the opportunity for business to change.

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