A cyber security note given recent hostilities

For all businesses and individuals everywhere. There is likely to be a many data-wipe, DDOS and other attacks on all countries that sanction Russia.

Such a campaign will be automated, even using AI to pick targets, targets that might include journalists, businesses, the wider media, even blindly attacking anything with a European IP address.

Cybercrime has been reported by more than half of small and medium enterprises (SMBs). Every day, new stories emerge concerning data breaches, hackings, cyber-attacks, and other sorts of business crime.

Paul Appleby from cyber security experts Tech Wessex says; “My clients all have an excellent, modern cyber-security position but most often the weakest link is the end user.

“Please ensure ALL staff are extra-extra vigilant of downloads and links in emails and in any instant messaging; LinkedIn, Facebook, WhatsApp, IG, Teams, Zoom. Even if the sender is very familiar and they often send you links to funny things please think twice about clicking that link.£

If you’re not sure of your cyber security posture reach out to your professional IT partner and ask.

Tech Wessex  | www.techwessex.net