Navigating the maze of the current labour market in Dorset

Dorchester Chamber for Business Executive Member Luke Rake is speaking at the Skills 4 Now webinar Tuesday 1 March at 12:00: Navigating the maze of the current labour market in Dorset

The jobs market over the past two years has seen an extraordinary disruption, record breaking highs and lows, shifts in jobs and operating models across sectors and unique spikes in job movements, hybrid working and technological innovation.

As businesses are recovering and trying to fill their increased demand from the same talent pool, the narrative has changed from a peak in unemployment, feared at the start of the pandemic to now widely reported labour shortages and a job seekers market.

The one hour lunchtime webinar where we’ll be giving a snapshot of the current labour market landscape in Dorset and share latest insights from the recently published Local Skills Report looking at the employer skills and labour force needs and challenges locally.

There will be speakers from innovative local businesses, recruitment and human resource experts who will share their experience over recent months and discuss creative ways to attract and retain talent and navigate the maze of the current labour market in Dorset.


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