Dealing with social isolation

The world is a different place to what it was this time last week and no doubt will continue to change in the forthcoming weeks and months. With most of us working from home it is important that our employees are all OK.

Here are a few tips from Rebecca Bevins HR Consultancy:

  • Check in with your employees, especially the quiet and introverted ones.  In our experience, the less vocal are secretly trying to process this in their heads, but now is not the time to overthink things, it’s a time to talk.
  • If they are experiencing difficulties, try and work out between you how the business can support them during this time.
  • Those working from home, give your full support and encourage to take exercise, they can go for a walk (observing social distancing) or step into their gardens, nature is a great healing space.
  • Keep in touch and use the technology available to the max.
  • If someone is struggling, make sure they call their Doctor and access other specialist help.  Follow up and check how the appointment went and if they need further support.
  • Remind employees of not overdoing social media and the news on COVID-19. Too much information that is out of our control is dangerous and will add to anxiety levels.

While this time will pass, it’s important to remember we all need to look after one another.


Photo by bongkarn thanyakij from Pexels