Free business advice lunch: are your workers’ rights, right?

Battens Solicitors to host important Employment Advice Lunches

Cab company Uber recently made headlines after two of its drivers took court action against it claiming that they were workers and were therefore entitled to certain rights, including holiday pay and the National Minimum Wage. Uber argued that its drivers were self-employed and did not qualify for workers’ rights; it lost the case and is now appealing. So just when is someone a self employed individual, a worker or an employee, and what rights do they have?

A free business advisory lunch hosted by Battens – one of the South West’s largest law firms – plans to shed some much needed light on this difficult area. The lunch (known as EAT Lunch @ Battens) will be led by Dawn Gallie, Head of Employment, and will discuss employment status and what factors businesses need to take into account to show whether its staff are employees, workers or truly self employed.

“Although Uber is appealing the court ruling against the classification of its drivers, the court’s stance has prompted other workers to challenge their own status, including those at Deliveroo and Amazon,” explains Dawn.

“Unfortunately there is no black and white answer – cases are judged individually, but what businesses need to do now is to look at their practices and see whether they are correctly classifying staff to ensure they are not open to potential claims, or in breach of the law.”

The first of the two business lunches will take place on Tuesday 13th December at Battens’ Yeovil office, from 12.15-2.15pm, and the second lunch will take place on Thursday 15th December at The Gamekeeper, Charminster, from 12.15-2.15pm.

Both lunches will also provide an update on the most recent developments in employment law.

Tickets are free, but places are limited. Book your place by contacting Sue White on 01935 846000 or . Further details can be found at