Help For Hormones from Aquae Sulis Therapy Centre, Dorchester

Aquae Sulis Therapy Centre have been providing holistic health care in Dorchester for 15 years and on Monday 6 March are holding an event to learn how Holistic Therapist Carmen Newton freed herself from 10 years of debilitating hormonal symptoms and how you can do it too.

Carmen advocates for Menopause to be seen as a natural process not an illness, and will give practical advice about what we can do to empower ourselves. Her powerful healing journey ultimately led her to change careers and retrain as a therapist in order to help others.

Using her own personal experience Carmen will share her story of which therapies transformed her life and her view of Menopause.

Attendees will explore what is reflexology and how it works and the benefits of reflexology particularly:

  • For Menopause
  • During PeriMenopause
  • After Menopause
  • Reflexology demonstration.

The event is being held at Aquae Sulis Therapy Centre, Damers Road, Dorchester from 1800 on Monday 6 March.

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