Managing flexible working requests

Dorchester Chamber for Business members The HR Department have experienced an increased number of requests for managing flexible working.

September is a prime time of year for employers receiving flexible working requests.

As the new school year starts, family life may return to normal for many employees after the disruption of the summer holidays; but for some, with children starting in reception, weekly schedules may be turned on their heads. For them, gone are the days of being able to place a child in nursery from 8am to 6pm. Now there are school hours to contend with: approximately 8:45am to 3:15pm. In those first few weeks the days can be so tough for little ones that they only do two or three hours at a time. What’s a working parent to do? And their employers!

As an employer, you have no legal obligation to permit flexible working, but you must give it proper consideration. In their latest blog The HR Dept consider the following:

  • Flexible working explained – Flexible working though can be a whole variety of solutions.
  • What does the law say about flexible working? – Legally, you don’t have to permit flexible working if it does not work for your business.
  • A balanced approach to flexible working – Do balance the positives of flexible working requests in your decision making.

To learn more about managing flexible working within your business, check out the full blog:


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