Q&A with September featured member – E3 Consulting

This month our sponsors are E3 Consulting an independent, award-winning, multi-disciplinary property tax practice, which sponsored our fabulous September breakfast at Carluccios.  Alun Oliver (right) Managing Director at E3 reveals the benefits of being a Chamber member, citing “the broad and interesting mix of the chamber’s membership” and why the company was delighted to sponsor our latest event. Why did you choose to sponsor the networking breakfast? We have previously sponsored other breakfast events and find the short presentation time an ideal way to introduce the attendees to our property taxation business – an area few have perhaps heard of previously. It is a great opportunity as E3 gets name awareness and brand exposure, enabling us to position our specialist property tax services to those in the room that might not realise we can help them. Tell us a little bit about what do you do We work throughout the UK from our head office in Southampton’s Ocean Village and another office in London.  Our specialist property taxation services help property owners, investors, occupiers and developers optimise any available tax breaks and reduce or validate and manage their costs.  E3 has five key areas of property tax that we assist our clients on
  1. Capital allowances – on all commercial property, FHLs and large-scale residential
  2. Land Remediation Tax Relief – on cleaning up contaminated or long-term derelict land sites to encourage brownfield redevelopment
  3. Repairs & Maintenance facilitating 100% tax deduction for repair costs
  4. VAT advice on real estate transactions or new build private houses
  5. Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) on private houses where we can reduce or validate and manage the CIL liability/costs.
Being from the South but working nationally, what makes Dorchester stand out? We find the area has a diverse mix of businesses as well as individuals that may benefit from our services.  E3 Consulting has worked alongside a lot of rural businesses across the Wessex region to generate significant tax savings. What do you get from being a Chamber member? We have been members for a number of years.  Principally due to the broad and interesting mix of the chamber’s membership. As mentioned above, E3 get name awareness and brand exposure, enabling us to position our specialist property tax services to the wider membership that may need our expertise, or be able to introduce us to other clients or contacts of theirs that do. Networking is a two-way process for E3 Consulting, and we encourage all of our staff to actively participate in a range of different groups that cover geographic or property sectors that are good for our business.