Wellbeing redundancy package for businesses

Chamber members RBHR has joined forces with New Leaf Workplace Wellbeing to offer an outplacement package which puts wellbeing at the heart of the service.

Ben Malik, Managing Director of RBHR, said many businesses are currently in the process of reviewing their structure and staffing levels, and whilst a thorough restructuring process is essential to ensure all the legal and consultative requirements are covered, so too is the transitioning support for employees who will ultimately leave the business.

Citizens Advice is receiving calls every two minutes from people seeking advice about redundancy and it is seeing an escalating employment crisis.

Ben Malik said: “I would encourage employers to see outplacement support as part of the end to end management of the entire restructuring process. This has many benefits not just from a brand perspective externally, but also internally as it rewards those leaving who have given loyal service, and has the potential to open a door for those individuals as another closes, plus promotes a supportive internal culture for those who remain.”

The new service is different as it puts wellbeing at the heart of the transition for employees. It is known that employees who experience badly handled redundancy are more at risk of developing mental health issues this service aims to prevent this from happening.

Becky Wright, Founder of New Leaf, said: “I’m calling on employers to consider extending safeguarding beyond the life of the employment contract in order to protect their mental health and wellbeing. Employees should get the same investment leaving the role as they would starting it.”