President’s letter to members

I just wanted to drop you a further email by way of an update and in particular to highlight a couple of matters which are time sensitive in case those had slipped through your other information loops.

  • Dorset Council has opened its discretionary grant funding scheme but applications must be submitted by 14 June 2020.  The discretionary grant funding scheme is intended to assist those businesses which were not covered by the previous payments made to businesses registered for business rates in the retail, travel and tourism sectors. Further details including how you can apply for that here:
  • You will have heard within the media that the furlough scheme has been extended until 31 October 2020.  You may have also seen that there is the ability to bring back furloughed workers on a part-time basis from 1 July 2020.  That flexibility is welcome, but it is only open to bring back members of staff part time if they have been on furlough for at least 3 weeks.  That means that the scheme will only apply to staff which have been furloughed by 10 June 2020.  Therefore, if there are staff you have not yet furloughed but would like to bring back part-time, you will need to place them on furlough by 10 June.
  • We also look forward to the reopening of our town centre on 15 June.  I have been liaising with Dorchester Council, Dorchester Town Council  and the Dorchester BID about the challenges that will present.  We want to encourage locals back to the town centre by making it a safe place to be and a pleasurable experience.  There is funding available to assist with that and we are likely to appoint a co-ordinator  within the next week to bring the various ideas together.

I know that some of you are back to work and others are preparing for that.  I know from my own experience that brings its challenges and please do get in touch if we can help at  or 01305 756309.

In the meantime, stay safe and healthy.