Public Consultation open for the potential merger of Kingston Maurward College and Weymouth College

Public Consultation open for the potential merger of Kingston Maurward College and Weymouth College on 1st August 2024 has opened.

The proposed merger will create a more robust financial outlook for the new joint college, and provide a broader pool of resources for students, both in terms of qualifications and resources.

The merger Public Consultation is live and will conclude on 30th April; this is an opportunity for the business community to share their views about the merger, and ensures that everyone is fully aware of what is proposed.

Through the merger of Kingston Maurward College and Weymouth College, we will create a new, ambitious college, generating aspiration
and inspiration for learners, improving social mobility, and delivering generational change for our local communities.

The vision is to unite the very best aspects of our institutions. The proposed merger will offer a more cohesive, innovative blend of land-based, academic, and technical education; the college will provide a local, strategic, place-based solution for post-16 education, training, and skills in Dorset.

We will establish a clearer proposition for our communities and stakeholders, create new and enhanced opportunities, and enable learners to reach their potential within inclusive and inspiring learning environments.

You can complete the consultation here:

A number of questions have been answered below.

What does a merged college mean for the people of Dorset?
By combining the existing resources and expertise of both partners, the merged college will give students, employers, and the residents of Dorset even better education and training opportunities. We will continue to work innovatively and meet the needs of our communities and employers, as well as the local, regional, and national economies.

Are there any downsides to the merger?
As with all projects of this size, the merger process does carry some risks which have been identified as part of the merger plan. Experienced project managers are working closely with both college Principals to support with this, all overseen by a Joint Steering Group with joint governor representatives from both colleges. We have comprehensive plans in place to mitigate and manage the identified risks and ensure the merger is delivered smoothly. Both colleges strongly believe that merger
benefits significantly outweigh any potential risks.

When will we know if the merger is definitely happening?
The public consultation outcome finishes on 30 April 2024, and an update regarding the outcome will be provided by 27 June 2024.

When would changes start to take effect?
Merging two colleges is highly complex. Although the merger is due to take place on 1 August 2024, operationally and practically, there will be considerable work to ensure we gain the maximum benefit. We are keen that the two campuses retain their unique character and curriculum offer within the new college.

How will the proposed merger affect students applying for September 2024?
We are committed to ensuring it is “business as usual” for our students and employers. During the merger process, students should apply in the usual way and follow the existing application guidance of each college. Our priority is that students continue to have the high quality education and training they expect. Applicants will be kept up-to-date with the latest news, and both college websites will be updated with any useful information as it arises. The majority of students will continue to have their programmes delivered on the campus they currently expect to attend.

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